Enabling the wave of change.

We are a team of idealistic entrepreneurs who fight water scarcity in emerging and developping countries with state-of-the-art filtration technology.


Water scarcity is already a global phenomenon.

Globalization connects all the worlds. We as modern people cannot shy away anymore from the responsibility that comes with that.

Markus Kropač
CEO & Co-Founder

“On my travels through Peru I could see with my own eyes what insufficient access to clean drinking water means to the locals.

Accepting or ignoring the situation was no option for me, which is why I decided to tackle the problem.

Drop by drop, to a better world.”

what we do

Our Business Concept


We found businesses with local entrepreneurs who produce high quality drinking water.

Financially sound

Our self-sustaining business plan empowers return of investment in under 3 years.


We use sustainable technology. Our plant runs on solar power and energy is recovered efficiently.


Once our first plant is up and running, we can use the money to reinvest in other locations in need.

See our current projects below.

Our partners

Support us today, before there is no tomorrow.

We hope you know us a bit better know. If you want to support our effort for clean drinking water, or if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.